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Stop_button operates as a private club and membership is required

 Membership  requires valid ID and is completed at the front desk in about 2 mins

The price of membership is included in the daily admission fee

Sunday - Thursday $7.00 Admission

($2 Discount with military, student, or government ID.) 

Friday and Saturday $10.00 Admission

Under 18 always $5.00 Admission


  • Allow you to play every arcade game free of charge

  • Play retro console games at the bars

  • Attentive, friendly, and prompt service

  • come and go all night long during that business day

  • All ages are allowed before 9 pm

  • Under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. 3 children per adult

  • Underage guests must stay with their guardians at all times

  • Under 18 must leave by 9 pm

Military / Student Discount:

United States military personnel, GS employees, and college students with valid ID will get $2 off the admission fee Sunday - Thursday. (Not combined with 50% off promotion or reduced entry days.) Friday and Saturdays do not offer this discount.

Valid ID-  

Identification card must be physically present upon entry

Photo of identified person must be clearly visible and 100% intact (not cracked or missing pieces)

Birth date must be clearly visible and not cracked or scratched

The Identification card must not be expired

A photo of an ID is not a valid ID

Invalid ID will not be accepted for entry

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