Sunday - Thursday $7.00 Admission

($2 Discount with military, student, or government ID.) 


Friday and Saturday $10.00 Admission 


Under 18 years old $5.00 Admission



Stop_Button is a private club with North Carolina ABC permits serving a variety of beers and liquors. For the membership price of $10, a member is allowed to enter the establishment and enjoy membership privileges. For any members under the age of 18, the membership fee will be $5. Members under 18 years old are not allowed after 9 PM (21:00) on Fridays and Saturday nights. 


United States military personnel, GS employees, and college students with valid ID will get $2 off the cover/ membership charge Monday through Thursday. (Not combined with 50% off promotion or reduced entry days)


Membership privileges include:

  • allow you to play every arcade game free of charge

  • Play retro console games at the bars

  • Attentive, friendly, and prompt service

  • come and go all night long during that business day

  • All ages are allowed before 9 pm.

  • Under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. 5 per adult (age 21 or over).

  • Underage guests must stay with their guardian at all times.

  • Under 18 must leave by 9pm Friday and Saturday.


To gain entry into stop_button you must have a valid ID that proves your age. Invalid ID will not be accepted for entry. This includes cracked and expired IDs, out of country driver licenses, out of country IDs.


As per a North Carolina lingering law, stop_button is required to function as a private club. 

NCGS 18B- 1000(5) states, “A private club is an establishment that is organized and operated solely for a social, recreational, patriotic, or fraternal purpose and that is not open to the general public, but is open only to the members of the organization and their bona fide guests.”

There is a cover charge to get into stop_button. The cover charge(membership included)will be $7 for 18 (Sun-Thru) $10 (Fri-Sat) and over and $5 for under 18. This will allow you to play every arcade game free of charge and come and go all night long during that business day. Please check our social media pages for special cover nights.

  • United states military personnel, GS employees, and Students $2 off of their cover/ membership fee with valid ID. Sunday-Thrusday